Who looks great in GreenGreen?

GreenGreen inspiration is all around, in the amazing people we get to work with, and their equally amazing creations, including...


Australian Alpaca Association

Did you know that there are more 170,000 registered alpacas in Australia, and many are among the most elite bloodlines in the world?  

Australia is a global industry leader, and GreenGreen has proudly provided ongoing marketing communications services including media & publicity, strategy, film production, social media, issues management, events & exhibitions and member & stakeholder/influencer liaison in support of this inspiring and impressive, emerging eco-industry. 

Anya Anastasia

Beloved diva to Adelaide Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe and more, Anya Anastasia is a highly talented, highly accomplished performer who is “one to watch”… the best is definitely yet to come. 

GreenGreen provides strategic support to this clever creative soul wherever it's needed to help progress her career - crowdfunding, media strategy, copywriting, screenwriting and direction, chicken wrangling (yep), and whatever other weird-shaped challenges she can dream up. 

It’s always a pleasure to pick up the phone and hear “I’ve beeeeeen thinkingggggg…”.  It’s the GreenGreen-est of jobs and an honour to contribute to this stellar international career…


Esto in the Hills

Esto Wines has long been a secret superpower behind many an iconic South Australian wine label, and has more recently chosen to also put its keen eye for the good things in life into tourism in the Adelaide Hills.

Hidden gems that are already well-booked, Esto’s two fully self-contained properties are nestled amongst the vines at Piccadilly, just a hop, skip and a jump from both the bright lights of Adelaide’s CBD, and the clear wide skies of the Fleurieu Peninsula and beyond.

GreenGreen is very proud to provide marketing communications, event and brand development support to the Esto family.

The Hut Community Centre

The Hut is the grassroots heart of the Adelaide Hills, providing community support to local residents of all ages and needs.

GreenGreen is proud to provide communications advice to help this essential organisation leverage all available tools to maximise its local connections value to the people of the Hills.

Lenswood Apples

For more than eighty years, Lenswood Apples has been a major producer of South Australian fruit.  

The orchardist-owned cooperative is extremely dynamic, and brings many innovative new fruit varieties to the market, from overseas and through its own horticultural development initiatives.

GreenGreen has proudly provided ongoing marketing services including website & print production, media & publicity, creative concepts, copywriting, launches & events, and brand & product development.

Matilda Bookshop

Matilda Bookshop is the kind of amazing bookstore you want to be left to geek out and and just go nuts in. 

It’s one of those local businesses that proves that digital can never defeat bricks ’n' mortar done well. And all this new-book smell-wonder is right here, in GreenGreen’s postcode (what could possibly go wrong?). 

GGG has been fortunate enough to contribute additional support to this business’s in-house marketing with media, creativity and concepts, and general comms strategy - a great honour... but it is also just excellent having excuses to hang with the books.

Stirling Laneways

Take the best of Adelaide's makers, creators, performers and traders, and bring them all together in (arguably!) South Australia's best postcode on the fourth Sunday of each month.

Add great community buy-in from residents and the supporting traders of the Stirling Business Association, and a star is born. Now into its fourth year, SL has been recognised and awarded by several industry bodies including Mainstreet SA, and Brand SA, and its only current constraints to its further growth are physical space. 

GGG has been proud to provide media representation and publicity, social media, photography, creative & product development, stakeholder liaison, and sponsorship advice. 


S&W Seed Company

What happens when best practice agricultural operators from around the world get together and start seriously collaborating?

Season after season of better farming practices to help feed the world, that's what.

GreenGreen is honoured to support important work in global agriculture with through-the-line project marketing services for this one-to-watch international innovator.


Telstra Perth Fashion Festival

TPFF is one of Western Australia’s major annual events, and is attended by over 45,000 people per annum. 

GreenGreen has been proud to provide marketing, public relations, product strategy, and sponsor relations services, beginning with the event's major re-launch and re-branding upon its tenth anniversary. 

The value of communications exposure grew from $2m to $22m in the first three years, as TPFF restructured to shape its portfolio of various government, corporate, and industry sponsors and stakeholders, and it continues to grow as a key player in the Australian fashion industry and Western Australian event spaces.

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Other GreenGreen Brands

What could an international airline, some agricultural producers, artistic companies, charity organisations, several government departments, automotive & tech companies, a private school, some fashionistas and a whole lot more possibly have in common?  


Because as time goes on, you never know what fun creative challenges the world will send to you next, and you never know how their strategies will converge.  But they always do.